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Dan Judy Automotive, Incorporated has lots of shop equipment that we use and use well.

Below is some of the equipment that we have and use. We are constantly upgrading and purchasing new equipment, so that we can better meet the needs of our customers. Please call if you have a question about our shop equipment or would like a quote for a service. 

4 - 9,000 pound Above Ground Hoists

1 - Drive on 12,000 pound hoist

2 Ammco Brake Lathes

Van Norman-Broach Head Fly Wheels Surface


Hydro Blast Cleaner - high pressure hot water to clean parts

Sand blasting cabinet

Glass bead blasting cabinet

Computerized Diagnostic Smoke Machine

1 - Evaporative Emissions Leak Detector with UltraTraceUV Solution

Computerized State-of-the-Art Automotive Scopes

2 - Model 1215 Sun 2 Gas Scopes

2 - Model 1805 Sun 4 Gas Scopes

2 - Modis Scanners - Motus and wide band O2 capabilities

Exact Air ratios: 12:1 PPM and 15:1 PPM

Fuel Cap Tester

12300 Fuel Cap Tester

Welding - Full-time Fabricator on staff

Aluminum welding

Tungsten Welding

MIG/TIG Welding

Stainless welding

Cast iron welding

Steel welding

Chrome Molybdenum welding


Hossfeld Tubing Bender - "mandrel tubing bender"

Custom Fabrication work

Air Conditioning Repair

134A Freon Recycler and Charger Station

R12 Freon Recycler and Charger Station

Can pull down, recharge, chase leaks on air conditioning systems

ALLDATA Computerized System

Provides service intervals

Provides service bulletins on your automobile 

Engine Performance Checklist

Carburetor Rebuilds & Tests

Ham & CB Radio Installation

Ham Radio Installation

CB Radio Installation

Custom Fabrication

Stainless Welding

Tungsten Welding

MIG/TIG Welding

Custom Fabrication work


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