Auto Electrical Repair

We do all forms of automotive electrical repair. Because of the use of computerized systems in today's cars, it is difficult to troubleshoot automotive electrical problems.


Here are a few important tips to remember about your car's electrical system:

  • Tip 1: Always keep your battery and the battery connectors clean to avoid clogged battery cover vents. This will minimize the chance of overtaxing your starter. This will also allow for proper ventilation of dangerous, explosive gases from your battery.
  • Tip 2: When replacing your battery, always buy one of the same or higher CCA (cold cranking amps) rating as the manufacturer's specified battery. Make sure the battery is the same "group size" to fit your battery tray and cable connections.
  • Tip 3: Due to the varying nature of car electrical systems, never jump start your car using another car that is running. Use the other vehicle's battery power alone to start it because a 14.5 volt running system (like a GM car or truck) can seriously damage a 12.6 volt system (like a BMW) due to voltage.
  • Tip 4: Always start your car with the major electrical hogs turned off - A/C, stereo, etc. - to ease the load on your car's battery, your car's starter, and to extend the life of your car's battery and starter.
  • Tip 5: Have your car's electrical system completely checked and tested every two years or whenever you have it serviced for any type of driveability problem.
  • Tip 6: If your car stalls or does not start immediately, regardless of the temperature or conditions, have your car checked. Tell the person servicing your car that it stalled or did not start immediately.


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